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I have found all of the Patriot associates that I have worked with to have a ‘listen first’ approach, as well ‘collaborate’ to identify a path forward, ‘communicate’ often and clearly to ensure all parties are on the same page and lastly ‘follow through’ and deliver on what has been agreed mutually.
Douglas E.

PTS has saved me a ton of time on my job search because they were able to match me with a job that was parallel with my career path and experience, while also promising a great experience with their agency.
Amanda M.

Someone from Patriot met me onsite each of the FOUR interviews, which was impressive to not only me, but also the company where I was interviewing.  During the process, Patriot did great follow-up with both the target company and myself, even outside of business hours.  

I don’t anticipate ever leaving this wonderful company that Patriot helped me get hired into, but if I do, I’ll for sure contact Patriot.

Angie S., Direct Hire

Patriot has given a great amount of guidance along the way. [They] have made me think outside the box in terms of positions that I could do that I never thought possible. Patriot has been top notch and I feel I can trust what I am being told at the time. Other staffing agencies should sit up and take notice!
Tim B.

I’ve been a consultant for various organizations. Patriot is the best. Preparation, ongoing support, and simple personal kindness. Great company to work with!!
Nancy W.

Joe is the most diligent, efficient and professional recruiter I have ever dealt with in my 15+ years as a contractor.
Andy A.

Patriot was an absolute pleasure to work with. They connected my employer and me very quickly, and made sure that this position was one that I can be happy with long-term.
Josh B.

The people at Patriot Talent have good leaders, excellent communication skills and work well together as a team. They know their customers well and were able to give me an idea of what to expect before my interview, which boosted my confidence and resulted in much smoother conversation during the whole process. They communicate very clearly, ensure that you understand the expectations of the job and see that all of your questions are answered prior to starting. The perception I have of Patriot Talent is that they are altruistic in nature; they genuinely want to help you succeed. They really do want to help people and I’m grateful for the jobs they’ve been able to provide for me.
Anonymous Contractor with Multiple Placements

Everyone is/has been very helpful, and Taylor has been the best recruiter I’ve ever had in my very long contracting career. I know that he has my back, and is always there to listen when I need to talk a situation out. While I haven’t met or dealt with many of the others, when I have reached out they’ve always been most helpful.
Roxann D.

The team at Patriot Talent have always been great at finding work for me. They’re friendly, helpful and on the ball.
Randy W.

After I was affected by the COVID-19 layoffs and most software QA roles were removed from the workforce, Patriot Talent Solutions found a remote opportunity for me with a pay rate equivalent to what I was making before the layoffs. Taylor Spruell was persistent in representing me to the client, and he was professional and good-natured to work with throughout the process.
Andrew S.

I really appreciate the team at Patriot. The leadership and staff have done an excellent job of helping me find a great opportunity. They truly have worked hard during the COVID19 situation to help me stay gainfully employed. I feel like I matter to them and that is what elevates them above their competitors. I am not just a placement. I am a person and I matter.
Will W.

Patriot has been a refreshing experience after dealing with many other consulting firms in the past. The on-boarding is easy and the hands-on attention from the staff is the best I’ve experienced. Whenever I have questions or concerns they are addressed immediately and to my satisfaction.
Paul D.

The Patriot Talent Group is a no nonsense, professional team who have a great reputation with their clients for delivering quality resources with the minimal of complications. If your skill set lines up with a clients’ needs, Patriot is a great group to be working through. They are ‘good people’.
Doug S.