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The following are articles that Patriot Solutions has put together in order to assist you as you approach and conduct a job search. We hope that you’ll find these resources useful, and that you’ll get in touch with us if you have any questions!

How to Land Your Dream Job: The First 30-90 Days on the Job

Now that the resume writing and interviews are over and the new hire paperwork has been completed, most job seekers would assume that the hard work is over.  The first 30-90 days on a job is often considered a trial run - or contract, in some cases - so creating good...

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How to Land Your Dream Job: Part 2 – The Interview

After forming and submitting your ideal resume, the most sought after--yet dreaded--part of securing your dream job will expectantly come along: the interview. According to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive and Everest College, around 92% of adults in the...

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How to Land Your Dream Job: Part I – The Resume

When targeting a new job, people must consider many factors. Whether you are in transition and between jobs or passively pursuing a better job opportunity, it can be overwhelming and down-right discouraging at times. Narrowing down the requirements to an attainable...

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Don’t Nix Networking

Everyone has heard the saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”  Though this statement shouldn’t be taken in the most literal sense, when it comes to seeking new job opportunities, most people do find new career moves through networking.  According to a...

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Digging Into Diversity

Diversity. Despite great strides over the past fifty years, the American workplace still has a diversity problem with plenty of room for improvement.  What better time than now to consider how to continue implementing diversity into your work culture? Like technology,...

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Top Technology Trends for 2017

Beginning the New Year, 2017 is no exception to the ever-growing science that dominates our world--technology. According to the Business Insider, it is estimated that companies all over the world will spend $3.5 trillion on information technology in 2017. Whether an...

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Welcome to Our New Career Board

This is our New Career Board built to better serve the needs of both the individuals we employee and the companies that hire them. We will be posting new positions, as well as blog posts to help you find, land, and keep a job you love. Keep in mind, not all jobs can...

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