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Our Approach

Our job placement process is designed to enhance the candidate experience, where we strive to be your career partner to provide the most engaging and valuable results.

where do i start

Where do I start?

Patriot uses a “Listen First” communication style with technical professionals across the United States. We utilize many types of communication (voice, text, email, video, social media, etc…) to establish contact with you and deliver the most accurate information about relevant IT job opportunities.

How do you know what I want?

We partner with you to evaluate not only the job opportunity, but also keeping in mind your career desires. In many cases, we can identify and communicate interesting outliers of job opportunities that are not visible from a job posting (such as specific work schedule, benefits information, business challenges of the job, etc…). At this stage Patriot will also review your resume.

how do you know what i want
what should i expect

What should I expect?

We will walk you through any pre-qualifying steps, such as technical assessments, pre-interview questionnaires, etc… Let’s be honest, no one likes to take a test, and in most cases, we can also provide you with valuable insights or preparation.

How will you introduce me to the hiring team?

At the presentation stage, Patriot will create and send a robust submittal package to the employer. The submittal will typically include your resume, technical assessment(s) and references. We will also point out any other interesting outlier(s) that may be relevant to your candidacy.

how will you introduce me to the hiring team
what does the interview process look like

What does the interview process look like?

Patriot will schedule and prepare you for the interview stage. We will make your research on the employer and interviewing team as easy as possible.

When will I get feedback?

It should not take more than a few business days to get feedback from an interview and in most cases, we can get feedback even faster. If feedback is slower, our recruiting team will still maintain contact with you until next steps are determined.

when will i get feedback
what if i get an offer

What if I get an offer?

In most cases, we can provide you with a neutral communication platform while you assess the offer details. Your recruiter can be invaluable during negotiations and position you for the best outcome in your career move.