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Virtual Reality Training

Program Goals

  • Learn about building experiences for different VR platforms
  • Bring your team into a common understanding on VR/MR/XR vocabulary
  • Learn about the benefits and pitfalls of different XR platforms
  • Learn to build assets, including 360 video, photography, and 3D models
  • Be introduced to common software tools for building XR software solutions
  • Learn about the different team roles necessary to execute an XR project
  • Build a roadmap on how to leverage XR solutions to create the highest ROI for the organization
VR training


Realistic Practice
Spaced Repetitions
Contextualized Scenarios
Critical Feedback

Server and Client-Side Development Technologies Training

Course Catalog
  • Beginning JavaScript Development
  • Advanced JavaScript Development
  • Introduction to .NET Development
  • Beginning C# Development
  • Advanced C# Development
  • Introduction to Node.js Development
  • Creating REST Web Services with Node.js and Express
  • Introduction to Client-side Development with Angular Advanced Angular Development
  • Debugging Web Sites with Chrome DevTools
  • Introduction to Client-side Web Development
  • Reactive Programming with RxJS
  • Object-oriented Programming in C#
  • Creating REST APIs with .NET Core
  • Beginning TypeScript Development
  • Advanced TypeScript Development
  • Querying Databases with SQL
  • Building Web Applications with Blazor
  • Introduction to Visual Studio
  • Create Web Apps with ASP.NET Core
  • And many more customizable courses!!
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