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Contract Jobs


Contract jobs are a great option for employers who need an IT professional for a fixed project or a period of time

In today’s competitive and constantly changing market, your business advantage may rely on how quickly you can form high-performance teams. Patriot Talent Solutions understands the need to hire IT talent quickly, without compromising quality.

Benefits of Our Contractor Employment Model


Hire quickly Save in labor costs Reduce liability

How It Works

Once your need is identified, our delivery team will work to find you the best candidate quickly. We have a talented network consisting of thousands of passive and active IT job seekers. Additionally, Patriot Talent Solutions utilizes reputable recruiting tools and sourcing channels to deliver successful recruiting activities for your need just in time. We will deliver qualified candidates for your review in a short period of time.

Once you’ve selected the candidate that best fits your needs, we can typically have that individual ready to start within 1-3 business days (availability may be longer if candidate is currently working and also time frame may vary depending on your on-boarding preferences).

We have a network of IT professionals ready to work with you

Considering a contract-to-hire position?

We can help with that too.