contract to hire

Contract to Hire

When you need someone quickly but you want to make the right choice

The contract to hire model is a hybrid of contract and direct hire. One of the more stressful tasks that managers face is hiring or replacing employees. Additionally, employee turnover and attrition is expensive. Hiring cost, total compensation, severance pay, and other factors like legal fees over a period of time can make hiring the wrong IT employee extremely costly to your organization. The cost goes way beyond cash though; your business will lose:

  • Worker & team productivity
  • Lost time training another employee
  • Negative impact on employee moral
  • Negative effect on stakeholder/client solutions & relations

Not only will you incur those soft & hard costs, but other facts include:

  1. Utilizing internal corporate recruiting methods usually takes 50+ days to identify and hire IT employees.
  2. Most organizations don’t have the necessary time, expertise, and recruiting tools to find the right IT Talent when they need it most.
  3. On-boarding times for full-time employees averages 10-15 business days.

In today’s competitive and constantly changing market, your business advantage may rely on how quickly you can form high-performance teams. Patriot Talent Solutions understands the need to hiring IT talent quickly, without compromising quality. Our direct placement search services will give you the opportunity to:

  • Hire quickly
  • Test an IT professional’s skill for your needs
  • Assess an IT professional’s cultural fit for your organization
  • Get guaranteed hiring results

How it works

Once your need is identified, our delivery team will work to find you the best candidate quickly. We have a talented network consisting of thousands of passive and active IT job seekers. Additionally, Patriot Talent Solutions utilizes reputable recruiting tools to deliver successful recruiting activities for your need just in time. We will deliver qualified candidates for your review in a short period of time.

Once you’ve selected the candidate that best fits your needs, we can typically have that individual ready to start within 1-3 business days (availability may be longer if candidate is currently working and also time frame may vary depending on your on-boarding preferences).

Our standard and most popular contract-to-hire model is six months to hire, but we can customize a solution to your need if more or less time is needed.

Industries Served:
Retail, Manufacturing, Construction/Engineering, Tech Services, Medical & Healthcare, Government, Software as a Service (SaaS), Media and many other industries.

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