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Is finding a new IT job a goal for the new year? At Patriot, we know a career change may make you feel less than jolly this holiday season, but we are here to help! If you are contemplating a new path in the IT industry, looking for opportunities to advance in your field or seeking a new employer, we have a few tips to help you make your IT career move and stay motivated throughout the process.

Consider Different Types of Employment

When most people think of finding a new job, direct employment is what comes to mind. Direct employment is when you are hired directly by a company to fill a position. However, direct employment is not the only type of employment to consider. Contract IT jobs and contract-to-hire IT jobs are common in the industry and worth consideration. Each type of employment has its perks, and you can learn more about your options here.

In addition to contemplating the different types of IT employment, we also recommend considering potential work environments. Some IT positions will require you to be in the office during the workday while others may offer a remote work option or a hybrid option where you work partially in the office and remotely. Even if a specific work environment is a low priority for you, understanding how these options may impact your lifestyle will help you make a decision that works well for your specific circumstances and leads to greater career satisfaction.

Research Potential Career Paths

In the IT industry, many skills are transferable from one job to another, and you can use your current skills as the foundation for learning new ones. So, as you prepare to find your next IT job, give yourself the freedom to explore new opportunities that interest you. It’s okay to not take a linear path if a career shift is aligned with your long-term goals. We recommend creating a list of what you like about your current position and what interests you that you don’t currently do in your job. Use this as a starting point to find an IT job that is fulfilling and will allow you to do more of what you enjoy.

Freshen Your Digital Presence

We all know a clean, up-to-date resume is important, but you should also think about your professional digital presence. Take some time to freshen up your LinkedIn profile or your online portfolio. If you don’t have an online portfolio, consider whether or not adding one would make sense for your job search. If you are a website developer, could you make an online portfolio to showcase the websites you’ve created? A simple, professional online portfolio can help you stand out to an employer, and you can design it to show a bit of your personality too.

Enjoy Your Holiday Season

Although a new job may be on your mind, try to not let it interfere too much with the joy of the holiday season. Savor the time with your family and friends. If you feel comfortable talking about your new career goals with any family members or trusted friends, feel free. If the conversation feels right, this could be a great way to help you prepare and feel more confident in future interviews when an employer asks you about your goals.

As you prepare to make an IT career move in the New Year, we welcome you to keep an eye on our job board and reach out to our team with any questions about available opportunities. Our expert IT recruiters are here to help you make career decisions that align with your goals.