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In the Information Technology (IT) industry many jobs require specific technical skills, but the world of IT is more than just computer knowledge. There are soft skills, or personal attributes, that can be just as crucial to your success in an IT job. Here is why soft skills are so important and how you can highlight your soft skills when applying for your next IT job.

Why do employers consider soft skills?

Employers consider soft skills when hiring for IT positions to help them select a candidate who aligns with the company’s work culture and team dynamics. It is in the best interest of the employer and the job candidate to ensure that whoever is hired can leverage their personal strengths in their position. This often leads to increased job satisfaction and longer-lasting employment with the company.

What types of soft skills are important in IT?

Each IT job requires a set of soft skills, so consider the position you are applying for when determining which soft skills will be most valuable. If you are applying for a management role, skills such as leadership and conflict resolution will be important. If you are applying for a software development role, problem-solving and adaptability will be important.

When you are applying for an IT job, make sure to read the full description and consider the soft skills that will make you a standout performer in that role. Also, it’s okay if you learn the soft skills needed for a job are not your strongest skills! Recognizing and understanding the required soft skills is a critical step in assessing if you’d actually enjoy the job. For instance, if you’re a social butterfly who thrives in team settings and loves face-to-face interactions, a remote work-from-home role might not feel fulfilling.

How can you highlight your soft skills when applying for an IT job?

Once you know the soft skills needed for the role you are applying for, you can tailor your resume and cover letter to highlight your soft skill strengths. Soft skills do not need to be stated explicitly, so try to avoid phrases such as “strong leader” or “dependable worker” and instead, highlight your skills with specific examples. For example, if you want to highlight your ability to work under pressure, use a bullet point on your resume or a sentence or two in your cover letter to discuss your roles in previous projects where you demonstrated this skill.

Remember, your personal attributes can help you land the job, so don’t be afraid to showcase your unique soft skills! Often, employers want to know more about you than your technical skills. If you are looking for your next IT job, contact our team at Patriot Talent Solutions or check out our job board for currently available IT positions.