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The IT industry rapidly evolves, and keeping your business up-to-date with the latest technology and IT practices can feel like a never-ending pursuit. Nevertheless, maintaining up-to-date IT practices is essential for your company’s efficiency and its ability to remain competitive in the market. Hiring IT contractors can help you stay current without the complexities of hiring full-time employees. Here are several advantages of working with IT contractors and steps to get started with contractors at Patriot Talent Solutions.

Quickly Fill IT Positions

At Patriot, we maintain a strong network of IT professionals who enjoy working in contract positions. This growing network allows us to help companies fill open IT positions with skilled contractors who have been vetted by our recruitment team. We get to know each IT professional’s skills and experience, so we can recommend the right contractors for your company.

Offer Contracts for Set Terms

Hiring an IT contractor instead of an employee is a great choice for shorter-term IT projects. Contactors can be hired for a specific amount of time if you have a project or need to temporarily fill a position. Once the project is complete, the contractor can be reassigned to a new project at the company or start a contract with a new company.

Hire for Specialized Skills

Many IT contractors have specialized technical skills. Instead of hiring an employee who needs a multitude of skills for a full-time position, hiring a contractor who specializes in a specific skill can expedite a project that requires that specific skill.

Reduced Company Overhead

Working with IT contractors reduces your company’s overhead because your company is not responsible for their benefits. At Patriot, we provide our contractors with a comprehensive benefits package that includes holiday pay, health insurance and more. So, although your company doesn’t shoulder the costs, you can rest assured knowing the contractor is receiving traditional benefits. Additionally, many contractors can be hired for remote work meaning you can save on costs associated with bringing people onsite.

If you are interested in working with IT contractors, here are a few tips to get started

Determine the Scope of Work

Before you can find the right IT contractor for your project, you will need to determine the scope of work. Create a description of the role outlining the work expectations and timeline for the project.

Contact Patriot Talent Solutions

Working with a recruitment company such as Patriot can help you save time searching for the right IT contractors to fill positions with your company. We pre-qualify candidates for you and assist with onboarding preparation and check-ins throughout the project.

Establish Good Communication

At Patriot, we check in with you and the contractors to ensure everyone feels that expectations are being met. Additionally, we recommend establishing your own system for communicating and checking in with contractors, so they know exactly who to go to with project questions and how to locate any information they need to complete their work. Good communication is key to any successful project!

Are you ready to find skilled IT professionals for your project? Contact us today to learn more about working with Patriot Talent Solutions to hire IT contractors for your company.