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Are you curious about switching careers and moving into the tech industry? Good news — You don’t have to be a coding wizard to land a job in IT! There are many IT jobs accessible to professionals who enter the tech world from other industries. If you’re ready to embrace a change and start a new career in IT, here are a few tips to help you navigate your new path with confidence.

1. Consider your transferable skills

From sales and marketing to business development, you can find many types of roles in the IT industry that do not require specific technical knowledge. Before searching for an IT job, think about the skills you use in your current role. Are you great at organizing project timelines? Do you excel at writing? Jot down the skills you have and highlight the ones you enjoy the most. This will help narrow down your search to IT jobs where you will be most qualified and find the most career satisfaction. Some jobs you may want to consider include IT project management, technical writing, digital content management and software sales.

2. Network with both current and new contacts

Every industry needs IT professionals, so there’s a good chance you’ve met a few in your career. Review your LinkedIn connections and think about the people in your current network. Even if a connection isn’t necessarily someone who can make hiring decisions, you never know where a conversation may lead. Talking with IT professionals can help you learn more about several types of IT jobs. If you want to expand your network, check out local networking groups. There are groups for all industries and ones specifically for the IT industry. In our hometown, Knoxville, Patriot sponsors the Women in Tech networking events. Check out Facebook, Eventbrite and LinkedIn to find networking opportunities near you.

3. Work with an IT recruitment company

Did you know that you can set your LinkedIn profile to show recruiters you are job searching without announcing your search to your network? This is a great way to start capturing the attention of recruiters, but you can also reach out to recruitment companies directly. At Patriot, we help connect professionals with a variety of jobs within the tech industry, and we are always looking for talented, driven individuals. You can browse our job board, where you will find contract, contract-to-hire and direct hire opportunities in IT. Please reach out to us if you think you would be a good candidate for one of our open roles.

5. Be willing to learn

When you change industries, you need to be comfortable with being new. It takes time to learn the specific industry jargon and get comfortable discussing technical topics but remember that you also bring valuable strengths to the conversation. Be prepared to ask questions and speak up when you don’t understand something in a conversation. The more you ask questions, the more you feel comfortable in your role. So, check in with your mindset before you begin looking into a new industry and get comfortable with a little discomfort as you make your career transition.

As you begin your IT job search, remember you have a lot to offer the tech industry, and you can use your past career experience to land a job there! If you have any questions about working with Patriot Talent Solutions to find your next IT job, reach out to our team! We are based in Knoxville, Tennessee and Tampa, Florida and work with individuals and companies throughout the US.