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You may think the first step of job searching is to head straight to the online job boards where you will find hundreds of job descriptions you need to read thoroughly to decide if you want to apply. This method can feel overwhelming and let’s be honest, you may not hear anything back regarding the majority of your online application submissions.

What if there was a more efficient, less frustrating way to search for your next IT job? At Patriot Talent Solutions, our IT recruiters can help you save time and secure a new IT position that aligns with your career goals without spending hours endlessly scrolling job boards. Here are three key benefits of working with an IT recruiter during your job search.

An IT recruiter can open doors to more opportunities.

A common misconception is that all jobs are posted online. When a company chooses to work with an IT recruiter to fill open IT positions, the company’s hiring manager may decide to skip the online job boards. By relying on a recruiter instead of job boards, the hiring manager receives pre-screened qualified candidates and minimizes the amount of time they spend interviewing for open positions. You could be one of these candidates. If you work with an IT recruiter to find your next role, you may have the opportunity to apply for positions you wouldn’t have found online.

An IT recruiter provides valuable insight into specific jobs.

Have you ever read a job description that left some questions unanswered? It can feel frustrating when the job itself sounds great, but the description shares very little information about the company’s benefits or culture. An IT recruiter can often provide insight into what a typical day on the job would entail as well as whether you will have opportunities for advancement, professional development, remote work and other benefits that influence your decision about the position. At Patriot, we understand there’s more to career satisfaction than finding a job that matches your skillset. We are happy to provide you with any additional information we can to help you feel confident when applying for a new IT position.

An IT recruiter can help you improve your resume and interviewing skills.

At Patriot, when a recruiter thinks you are a great candidate for an IT position, they do everything they can to help you prepare for your interview with the hiring manager. After helping you freshen up your resume, your recruiter will create a robust submittal package for the potential employer. Your recruiter’s assistance doesn’t end when the interview is over. They will also provide you with feedback from your interview and can often get this feedback quicker than you would if you were not working with a recruiter.

When it’s time to search for your next IT position, contact our Patriot Talent Solutions team. We have offices in Knoxville, TN and Tampa, FL and look forward to helping you make your next IT career move.