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In an increasingly competitive tech job market, it’s important to write job descriptions that attract top IT talent. When you invest time and effort into crafting job descriptions that accurately explain the job and align with what tech professionals are looking for, you’re more likely to get better candidates in the door, meaning you’ll spend less time on the hiring process in the long run.

At Patriot, we help our corporate clients fine-tune their job descriptions before we begin the IT recruiting process. To help you get started, here are our top tips to help you write IT job descriptions that capture the eye of qualified candidates.

1. Evaluate what is and isn’t working in a role

If an IT employee is leaving, this is an opportune time to evaluate the role and determine if you need to make any changes to the job responsibilities, requirements and role structure. If possible, conduct an exit interview with the current employee to get their perspective. Be willing to ask questions and learn if there are areas for improvement in the employee experience. Additionally, you’ll want to consider how the role has changed over time. The skills you needed the last time you hired for this position may not be the same this time. If the current employee has grown their skillset since working with the company, you probably want to hire an IT professional who already has a similar level of experience.

2. Be specific about job responsibilities and expectations

After you evaluate your needs, it’s time to write the job responsibilities and expectations for the position. Think about the day-to-day responsibilities of the job and make a bulleted list of the technical job requirements. Next, think about the outcomes you expect from the employee over time. Note any major goals you have for the ideal candidate. For example, if you are hiring an IT project manager and you want them to develop accurate timelines for new projects, include that information in the description. Lastly, make sure to note the level of experience you are looking for, especially if the role requires specific software knowledge. Does the ideal client need basic knowledge or do they need to be an expert?

3. Give insight into company culture and benefits

Job candidates consider more than requirements and salary when deciding to apply for a position. Most people value work satisfaction and want to enjoy the place they work. By providing potential applicants with a glimpse into the company culture and an overview of the benefits they can expect, you help candidates understand if your company is a good fit. Include relevant information such as flexible work hours, work-from-home opportunities, paid time off, health benefits and retirement packages. Additionally, include any company culture details specific to your company. For example, if you host a company happy hour once a month or allow dogs in the office, let job candidates know!

4. Make your job description easy to read

Job seekers are often reading multiple job descriptions a day, so make your description easy to read. Start your job description with a brief 2-5 sentence overview of the job and company before delving into the details. Use headlines to separate sections such as technical requirements, soft skills and benefits. Candidates should be able to scan your job description and easily decide whether or not they want to take a closer look and apply.

If you are looking to hire top IT professionals for your company, give us a call! Our IT recruiters are ready to help your company stay ahead of the curve by hiring the best candidates for every IT position. Contact us today to get started.