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What is a Contract-to-hire job?

You may be familiar with traditional direct-hire and contract employment. However, did you know there is a hybrid employment option called “contract-to-hire”? If you prefer working directly for a company but want to test the waters before fully committing to a position, a contract-to-hire job may be a great choice for your next IT career move.
Working in a contract-to-hire position at Patriot Talent Solutions

Our IT recruiters work with our client companies who are looking for qualified IT professionals to join their team. When you accept a contract-to-hire position with one of these companies, you become a contractor through Patriot Talent Solutions with the potential to be hired by the company when your contract ends.

Contract terms vary, but we commonly see 3-12 month contracts when companies offer contract-to-hire positions. During your contract period, Patriot will provide your pay and benefits package. We offer contractors medical, dental, vision and life insurance, a 401K plan and paid holidays. During your time as a contractor, you will receive feedback on your performance, so you can learn and sharpen your skills. At the end of your contract term, you may be offered a permanent position to join the company as an employee.

Is a contract-to-hire position right for you?

During the contract phase of a contract-to-hire position, you can try out the job before you decide if you would want to be employed by the company. This allows both you and your manager to determine if you are a good fit.

You can see if you enjoy the work, which is especially valuable if you are using new skills or trying out a new type of IT work. You can also determine if the job and company align with your personal preferences and lifestyle. You may discover you love the company culture, or you might find the drive to the office is too taxing on your daily schedule. You get a thorough inside look at what to expect before committing to the position.

A contract-to-hire position allows you to be selective in your career. It gives you an easy no-strings-attached way to try different types of IT positions and companies. If you find a position is not a good fit, you are not required to accept the hiring offer. You walk away with a new experience that can help you land your next IT job.

Contract-to-hire can be a win-win opportunity for companies and job seekers. When it’s time to find your next IT job, we encourage you to think about whether a contract-to-hire position would be a good fit. If you have additional questions about IT employment types or available opportunities, please reach out! Our Knoxville and Tampa-based IT recruiters are happy to talk with you about your professional goals and help you determine your next career move in the IT industry.