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Let’s face it — job searching isn’t a task most people enjoy. The process can feel overwhelming and exhausting at times—and without good organization, it can be challenging to keep up with the jobs you’ve applied for and where you are in each interview process. If you are preparing to search for your next IT job or actively applying for IT jobs, our professional recruiters have a few tips to help you stay organized throughout the process.

Create designated job searching folders.

By creating an organized filing system for your job search documents, you can quickly access important information when you get a call from the hiring manager or when you need to prepare for an interview. We recommend using a cloud-based filing system like Dropbox, One Drive, or Google Drive to store your documents for easy access. Decide on your filing system, and create folders for each position you apply for. Within the folder, add the cover letter and resume you submitted for that specific job along with a copy of the job description. You can also create a document within the folder to jot down notes about the company or questions you have for the hiring manager.

Make a job search spreadsheet.

Keep track of where you are in the hiring process by using a spreadsheet. A spreadsheet can help you visualize all of the positions you want to apply for and the ones you’ve already applied for, so you can keep up with company and recruiter contact information, important deadlines, and check-off tasks like sending follow-up and thank you emails. Make a habit of filling in your spreadsheet after each application you submit and crossing off or coloring in rows for jobs that are no longer an option. Create your custom spreadsheet in Excel or Google Sheets to get started.

Save application questions and record interviews.

Every job application poses specific questions, and keeping track of these questions and your answers can help you prepare for interviews. As you complete job applications, copy and paste the questions and your answers into a document you can save in your designated job searching folders. Before you interview for a position, review the questions along with your answers and write down notes about how you can expand on the information you provided. When it’s time to interview for the position, use a voice recording app to record the interview. Make sure to check the laws in your state to ensure you have the authority to record and ask permission from the interviewer if required. This can help you remember specific questions you want to follow up on in an email or expand on in your next interview with the company. This is also great for improving your interview skills because you can hear your talking speed, pauses and “ums” and note any questions you want to answer differently next time.

Create email folders or designated tags.

Organize any emails related to your job search into a designated folder within your inbox. You can also use labels/tags for additional organization. By keeping your emails organized, you can easily refer to conversations with hiring managers and recruiters without searching endlessly through email threads.

As you embark on your job search, we hope our tips help you stay organized and prepared for every step of the process! If you are looking for your next IT job, make sure to check out our job board. We help IT professionals find great remote, hybrid, and on-site jobs at companies throughout the Southeast, and our professional IT recruiters would be happy to chat with you about your IT career goals.