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Learn Why Patriot Talent Solutions is a Great Place to Work

We often find that many IT professionals are intrigued by the idea of contracting but concerned about the lack of benefits and job security. Does this sound like you? Well, let us put your mind at ease. At Patriot Talent Solutions, we make sure our contract employees enjoy the perks of contract work without sacrificing the benefits that often accompany traditional full-time employment.

Benefits & Competitive Compensation

When hiring contract information technology (IT) professionals, employers look for someone who can fill the role without needing extensive training, and they are typically willing to pay a premium for an experienced candidate. This is a major benefit for you as a contractor because your hourly wage is often higher than it would be if you were a full-time employee with the company. You might be thinking, “That’s great, but it doesn’t make up for the lack of benefits.” We hear you. When Patriot Talent Solutions hires you as an IT contractor, you are eligible for a benefits plan through our company. This plan allows you to choose medical, vision and dental insurance coverage that fits the specific needs of you and your family. You also receive seven paid holidays after 30 days of employment and are eligible to participate in the company 401K plan after 90 days of employment. At Patriot Talent Solutions, we value our IT contractors and strive to enhance your experience with our company.

Transparency & Feedback

In an IT contracting job, you get to experience working in a variety of industries and have the opportunity to expand your professional skillset. This frequent assignment change and professional growth is exciting, but we know it can be challenging and sometimes feel a bit intimidating. When you work as a contractor at Patriot Talent Solutions, we provide you with regular feedback on your job performance, and we ask questions to learn your thoughts and opinions on your assignment. This transparent, open communication ensures we place you in IT contracting jobs that are best for you. We also keep you informed about assignment end dates, extensions and opportunities to transition to full-time employment with a company. We believe in empowering you to make informed decisions about your career, and we want you to feel comfortable talking with us about your assignments and career aspirations.

Hear from a current Patriot Talent Solutions contractor

“During my interview process, Patriot made it a point to understand not only my current aspirations but my future aspirations as well. My recruiter also shared the types of assignment requests Patriot generally receives that align with those aspirations.” – Lynda C.

Career Growth & Job Flexibility

IT contract work provides job flexibility and unique opportunities for career growth. At Patriot, we help employers find qualified IT contractors for both traditional contract positions and contract-to-hire positions. In a contract-to-hire position, you begin as a contractor and have the opportunity to become a full-time employee with the company at the end of your contract. This type of role allows you to be selective about your career path and make sure you like the job and the company culture before you agree to become a full-time employee. Contract-to-hire employees are eligible for a benefits plan from Patriot Talent Solutions during their time in the contract position.

Leadership & Company Culture

Company leadership is a primary contributor to the work culture. Our founding partners served in the United States Army Infantry, and many of the values and practices they learned during service are ingrained in Patriot’s company culture. Loyalty, duty, respect and integrity are our core values, and the Patriot Talent Solutions team lives and works by these values. When you work for Patriot, you will always be treated with respect and feel confident that we have your best interests at heart. Our primary mission is to serve you and help you make career decisions that have a lasting positive impact on your life.

Hear from current Patriot Talent Solutions employees

“The team from the beginning shows they genuinely care about each other and they make you want to be a part of this family.” – Dave M.

“The process was clearly outlined and we progressed through the steps just as stated. Everyone treated me with respect and complete professionalism.” – Alan B.

Ready to become an IT contractor? Check out the Patriot Talent Solutions job board for remote roles and in-person IT roles in Knoxville, Tennessee and Tampa, Florida, and contact our team to get started!