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Beginning the New Year, 2017 is no exception to the ever-growing science that dominates our world–technology. According to the Business Insider, it is estimated that companies all over the world will spend $3.5 trillion on information technology in 2017. Whether an IT professional or business owner, staying current on the latest trends in technology is vital to a success and growth.


It is not yet known what new inventions 2017 will see, but many expert sources cite that existing technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, data science and cyber security, will see major enhancements.


According to CBS News, 2017 will see “the rise of artificial intelligence.”  Even those who wouldn’t consider themselves “tech savvy” are familiar with one of the most popular forms of AI. Thanks to Apple, AI is available to every iPhone user in the form of Siri. According to Gartner, Inc., the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, AI will be used even more extensively and importantly in 2017 through creation of smart objects including homes, toys, and networks. While it may not be a total replacement for the keyboard, Gartner predicts that more conversational systems will be used through the production of voice operated computers.


Gartner also predicts that AI will collaborate with another major trend in 2017: cyber security. Having kept up with the election and the current national security concerns, cyber security is expected to see a huge increase in demand for the year. It is suggested that artificial intelligence will be used to predict and prevent cyber-attacks through adaptive security architecture. Gartner suggests that companies with sensitive information stay up to date with this trend because hackers are becoming more educated and savvy through automated technologies.


The Information Technology job market is like a moving target where timing is everything. If you’re still or stagnant too long, it may have detrimental effects to your career. Make 2017 your year to do your life’s best work!


Blog Contributor: Emily Murr