Network Engineer

Posted 3 weeks ago

Job ID - 169

This position is the Network Team lead with responsibility for the design and implementation of the district’s technology infrastructure. This includes: networking within the district, technology facilities, public network connections, network-centric applications, classroom technology infrastructure, monitoring, and security. 

Job Duties and Responsibilities: 

* Manage the physical network infrastructure within the district: including wide area, local area, and wireless 

* Oversee network-based security systems: for example, physical security, network access, and public key infrastructure 

* Maintain and manage public network connections: primarily connection to the Internet and the public switched telephone network; also VPNs and private or dedicated connections 

* Devise, implement, update, and improve automated monitoring and alerting systems for infrastructure systems 

* Routing for wide area network: connectivity between district facilities 

* Routing for additional networks: egress, management, DMZ, guest, cameras, printing, etc. 

* Local area networking: routing and switching within district facilities 

* Define and manage layer 2 and layer 3 network numbering schemes 

* Wireless network: centralized management of wireless access points and networks 

* Internet access: connectivity to the Internet with resiliency and sufficient bandwidth 

* Internet services: provide external access to internal services such as e-mail, Skyward, ADFS, etc. 

* PSTN access: connectivity to the public switched telephone network for general outbound and inbound voice calls, long distance, fax, emergency services, etc. 

* Data center and related facilities: provide and maintain a secure, reliable location and environment for housing the technology infrastructure (UPSs, CRAC and other cooling systems, generator, access control, monitoring, etc.) 

* Storage area network and arrays: manage and maintain the switching hardware and configuration for the SAN; manage, maintain, and plan storage array needs, utilization, and expansion 

* Maintain and enforce preventative maintenance schedule for other facilities and equipment. E.g., rack UPS battery replacements, checking equipment fans, MDF/IDF cleaning and dusting out equipment as necessary, CMOS batteries, periodic reboots, etc. 

* Web content filter 

* Network security systems: firewalls, content filter, VPN, network access control and registration, e-mail spam and virus filters, DMZ services, certificate management, SSL & TLS configuration, etc.

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